Online Casino Bulgaria

Players can file a complaint with the Commission if they feel cheated or violated.


Real money online casinos in Bulgaria are legal, but they must still pay heavy taxes. Currently, online casinos in Bulgaria must pay 20% of the rake to the government. To make up for this tax, a casino would have to increase its rake by 400%. This would send gamblers running for the hills.

The Bulgarian government has enacted a law regulating online casinos. The law says that operators must have a license to operate legally. It also forbids the gambling in public buildings. Additionally, no one in uniform is allowed to enter a casino. Players need to have a valid ID to be allowed to enter.

However, there are some exemptions to this rule. For instance, if a foreign person is registered in another EU member state or in a country that is part of the European Economic Area, they are not considered to be a citizen of Bulgaria.


The choice of a real money online casino Bulgaria depends on a number of factors. These factors include the transparency and security of its financial transactions. You also need to consider your own financial situation and daily gambling budget before you sign up for an account with a Bulgarian casino.

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